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Network/Voice/Video Cabling for Virginia businesses

At Computer Telephone Technologies of VA, we specialize in all types of network cabling for businesses. We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality network infrastructure, and we are Siemon and ICC certified for structured cabling, Voice & Data. Whether you need an entire network cabling plan for new construction, a redesign of your existing cabling, or a simpler upgrade to your current network, we can handle it. Of course, our trained and experienced technicians can service and perform maintenance on many different systems, old and new. Contact us if you have questions about your business systems.


Network cabling

Wires and cables are used to make connections that are sometimes more secure and perform better than wireless technology. However, Wireless or WIFI, is great for mobile devices and establishing connections wherever you are. CTTVA will help you determine which solution best suits you and your business environment. Click here to learn more about network cabling.





Fiber optics

CTTVA uses fiber-optic communications because they enable the transmission of higher bandwidths over longer distances than other forms of communication.

Fibers are immune to electromagnetic interference, allowing safer data travel with a reduced chance loss. We are dedicated to discovering what kind of fiber optics

Click here to learn if fiber optics are appropriate for your business.